Teen Media Behavior: Myths and Reality

Nielsen’s newly released study on Teen Media Behavior, proves some conventional beliefs, but also breaks a few myths about how teens spend their time in an age dominated by media choices. The study looks at multiple channels including internet, cable TV and web connected devices.

Kids are the heaviest mobile phone video users, are more receptive to mobile advertising than their elders. They also out-text all other age groups. Teens 13-17 sent an average of 3,364 mobile texts per month! 18-24 year olds sent 1,640 texts per month.

As expected, teens talk less on the phone. Except for seniors 65+, teens talk the least of all age groups. They also watch less TV than the general population and spend less time on their computers. The average American watches 34 hours/39 minutes of TV per week. Teens 12-17 watch the least amount of TV averaging 23 hours and 41 minutes per week.

To download the entire report click here.



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