MusikPitch Offers Jingle-Writing Opportunity

Nashville based company MusikPitch has found a niche in the songwriting business by providing a platform where songwriters and composers compete to win jingle contests. MusikPitch allows any company looking for jingle songs or branding music to run a contest. Companies simply describe the type of jingle they need, decide on the prize amount, then sit back and listen as the songs are sent in from songwriters around the world. A recent success story comes from Nashville’s The Local Taco.

The Local Taco used MusikPitch to launch a $1000.00 jingle contest. The contest ran for the standard length of 14 days, and The Local Taco received over 60 entries from competing songwriters.

“I was amazed by the quality of music coming in as entries for our contest,” says The Local Taco owner John Ko.  “Songs were being submitted from songwriters all over the world. We had people living in Florida that had been to our restaurant on a trip to Nashville and were messaging us about how excited they were to compete to write our jingle. It was amazing!”

After the contest ended, Ko had trouble picking from the top entries, so he turned the decision over to friends and staff. Even if a songwriter doesn’t win, scoring a high ranking from the contest holder will place their composition in their top songs list. Songwriters are then listed under the Songwriters tab, with those having the most wins and top songs placed at the top of the list.

The Local Taco chose a song composed by MusikPitch member and songwriter James Barratt. His winning jingle and the other entries can be heard here.

MusikPitch is temporarily waiving the $39.00 contest fee when you use referral code 50501. Click here to get started.


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