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Blake Shelton—Twitter’s Humorous Hunk

blakesheltonIt had to happen sooner or later. The emergence of an outspoken, no-holds-barred, 140 character dialog from a country music artist—Tweets unleashed.

That is exactly what seems to be happening over at @Blakeshelton, a verified account. In fact, Shelton’s feed is turning into an amusing and unique entertainment channel that might appropriately be rated NSFW (not safe for work).

A cast of characters including love interest Miranda Lambert, artists Craig Morgan, David Nail and Chuck Wicks and others regularly weigh in as well as hundreds of Shelton’s 28,450 followers. But don’t get the tweeter mad or you’ll suffer the consequences of getting blocked, which means you can no longer follow the show.

Fans write in and Blake answers….on Twitter it appears with the question first and Blake’s response at the end…

[Fan]Just did Crook and Chase! It was just like I imagined as kid! (via @davidnail)[Blake’s Answer] Wow! I used to imagine doing Crook but never Chase!!!!

What do u recomend for cleaning up cat puke? (via @McEntire1255) The cats hide……

@blakeshelton I wanna guy just like you- have any brothers?? (via @KUCRZY) No, but I am alone right now!!!

do you really need to use the f-bomb that F$&KING much? (via @jadegutis) Do you really need to read these?

Momma said you tweet more than she wipes her ass (via @ShelbyTxRanFan) Well then “momma” has herself a serious problem.…

If the yellow turtle grabs the blue baloon will the sun turn green at midnight? (via @ReverendMichael) And will you smoke some more crack?

@blakeshelton what’s up with this thing between you and craig Morgan ? (via @kenzie266) THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!

@blakeshelton you suck…i totallt prefer Big & Rich to you.. (via @letmeinlt) Well then go save a horse moron! BLOCK!!!!

Recently a new character, @Blakesho arrived on the scene and got Miranda fired up enough to tweet her followers, “Hey my tweets….@BlakesHo is hittin on my guy on twitter. I will take the high road but I expect yall have my back….it’s probably a dude.”

Now it appears that @Blakesho has exited from Twitter, account closed. Lambert, however, talks about “her man” often with Tweets like:

Blake should win sexiest tweeter. I like the bad boy edge! Plus he’s already the sexiest man in country. If u don’t know that just ask him!

Oh my god!!! Miranda just paid for something!!! (via @blakeshelton) oh my god, Blake spelled something right!!

I love when bikini’s are half off….. (via @blakeshelton)what a perv! I told him my bikini was on sale half price. Just clearing the air!

Chuck Wicks chimes in: @blakeshelton dude! I just got a Twitter from a “Blake blocker”..what r u doing to these people!!! Ha

Shelton is No. 13 on the MusicRow Country Artist Twitter chart (7/30) but his numbers are increasing rapidly showing a robust 12% increase over the last seven days. His CD Startin’ Fires which has sold 167,379 units in 34 weeks has climbed over the last three weeks from No. 36 to No. 31. One not-so-funny detail is the lack of a digital track on the Top 200 list. Regardless, it will be enlightening to see if Shelton’s bad boy antics leverage sales.

What do you think?