DISClaimer Single Reviews (12/1/10)

This week the newsmakers come not from the ranks of our country stars, but from the members of Nashville’s ever expanding pop/rock community.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (11/24/10)

Before you dismiss this list as a pack of nobodies, check the fine print. Between them, these minor leaguers have ties to such major leaguers as The Bellamy Brothers, George Jones, Jason & The Scorchers, former Georgia Satellite Dan Baird, Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker and Charlie Daniels.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (11/17/10)

The trend of the day is career transition. A number of name-brand stars are reinventing themselves by recording in varying shades of bluegrass.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (11/10/10)

The top award this week is a toughie. Both Taylor Swift and Sugarland are absolutely at the tops of their games, and Darius Rucker isn’t far behind.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (11/03/10)

There is nothing particularly earth shattering to report this week. The column is very much a mixed bag, everything from rocking Elvis to bluegrass Rhonda. Steven Dale Jones is holding down the singer-songwriter slot. Katie Armiger is here with youth appeal. Rosehill, Lathan Moore and Bill Rice have returned and confirmed themselves as promising. Our […]

DISClaimer Single Reviews (10/27/10)

Better late than never, they say. As She’s Walking Away” is already in the top-10, but I’m just now getting around to it. That’s because I had to go out and buy the Zac Brown Band album that it is on.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (10/20/10)

I always like a listening session with plenty of newcomers. After all, the thrill of discovery is what every critic lives for. This week sees column debuts by Chet O’Keefe, Corinne Chapman, The Jeremy Miller Band, James Lann and Daniel Warren.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (10/13/10)

Variety is the spice of life, they say. It’s certainly true in this week’s stack of platters. We have an electronic dance record, a comedy disc from a Country Music Hall of Famer, a pop/folk outing by a Russian country performer, a homespun ditty from a husband-and-wife team, a group re-naming, an Oz man’s cowbell-backed guitar rocker and a Texan with singer-songwriter grit to spare.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (10/6/10)

This is a column full of old favorites of mine. Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen are back, sounding as hale and hearty as ever. Dale Watson returns as well, and he is still a country singer’s country singer. The evergreen Bellamy Brothers remain the groove masters they have always been.

DISClaimer Single Reviews (9/29/10)

As we head into the fall, the stars are beginning to come out. This week, we have new music by honcho Toby Keith, as well as from Billy Currington and Lee Brice, both of whom are coming off career highs. It appears that Capitol/EMI rules the roost, label-wise, since it is presenting fine new tunes from both Troy Olsen and newcomer Walker Hayes.