Entries by Robert K Oermann

DISClaimer (6/19/09)

It’s good to know that country music hasn’t lost its sense of humor. Both Rodney Carrington and Phil Vassar are tickling the funny bone with new singles this week. Rodney’s hilarious outing is produced by none other than Toby Keith, who also co-wrote two of the tunes on the comic’s El Nino Loco CD. The […]

DISClaimer (6/12/09)

The indies are in the driver’s seat this week. The big news is that Kentucky native Clay Underwood graduates from his prior DisCovery Award win to having the Disc of the Day with the title tune to his new CD. Even more surprising is that his only real challenger is also on an independent label. […]

DISClaimer (5/29/09)

Her television show is called The Edge of Country, and she practices what she preaches. Love, Lessons & Lies, the new CD by GAC’s Kylie Harris, is a splendidly left-field listening experience. It is not only produced with imagination, it is filled with excellently written tunes. A tip of the cap and a Disc of […]

DISClaimer (6/5/09)

Sometimes the veterans can surprise you. Just when I thought I might be “over” Brooks & Dunn, along comes a single like “Indian Summer.” They wrote it. They produced it. And it’s the freshest sounding thing they’ve put out in years. Give those vets a Disc of the Day. Actually, there was quite a bit […]

DISClaimer (5/27/09)

You’d think everyone else would turn tail and flee the field. With a new Bob Dylan album in the Americana music mix, everyone else should pack it in, right? Well, Dylan may have the Disc of the Day, but the current collections by Buddy & Julie Miller, Eric Brace & Peter Cooper and Jesse Winchester […]

DISClaimer (5/22/09)

It’s a holiday weekend and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s just get on with it. Memorial Day is the traditional kick-off of summer. It will come as no surprise to any of you that Kenny Chesney’s Disc of the Day is the season’s first soundtrack tune. We had a lot […]

Lifenotes: James D. Walbert

Pianist James D. Walbert has died at the age of 91 near Birmingham, Alabama. He began his career as the teenage accompanist for the famed Vaughan Quartet of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The quartet was among the acts recorded at Nashville’s very first recording sessions, in 1928. He was the grandson of the group’s founder, James D. […]

DISClaimer (5/15/09)

There are 10 records here, but only one really matters. Eric Heatherly has more talent than any man ought to be allowed. He writes incredibly addictive songs. He sings like an angel and plays guitar like the devil. His rhythmic sense is impeccable. On top of everything else, he’s a superb showman. He also has […]

Pop-Rock DISClaimer (5/15/09)

As usual, there is plenty going on in Nashville’s pop-rock community. The gals, in particular, are rocking the joint. Veteran Jonell Mosser leads a grooving group that also includes Disc of the Day winner Erin McCarley and excellent newcomer Susan Hartman. The DisCovery Award, however, goes to the guys of Kindercastle. Both Kindercastle and Jonell […]

DISClaimer (5/8/09)

It’s a left-field kinda day. Despite the presence of a number of marquee names in this week’s reviewing stack, the award winners are the lesser knowns. Up-and-comer Holly Williams lands her first Disc of the Day honor. By the way, her excellent last single (”Keep the Change”) was not co-written by her sister, but rather […]