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kip moore dirt road1111Just about everyone’s rocking this week, so summer must be just around the corner.

The contest for the Disc of the Day prize was a three-way battle of the rockers among Brad Paisley, Jerrod Niemann and our winner in a very close call, Kip Moore.

I am happy to report that there are loads of newcomers in this week’s stack of platters. So many, in fact, that I’m handing out two DisCovery Awards. Our male winner is the Casey Donahew Band, and our female honoree is Ally Lindeen.

Writers: Misty Rae Carson/Robert Ellis Orrall; Producers: Jeff Savage/Jason Carson; Publishers: Higilly Pigilly/Orrall Fixation, ASCAP; LLR (CDX)
-Housewives and mothers leading dead-end lives dream of what might have been. Her soprano grates a little in its upper register, but the song is so well put together that it scarcely matters.

jerrod niemann111

DANNY GRIEGO/The Coast Is Clear
Writers: Scotty Emerick/Red Lane; Producers: Scotty Emerick, Ed Seay & Danny Griego; Publishers: Big Yellow Dog/Florida Cracker/Redairlane/Sony-ATV, BMI; Amerimonte (CDX)
-Lost on a deserted beach with tropical breezes wafting over your face while you dream of a love to come. Simply gorgeous. A heavenly little record.

ALLY LINDEEN/Teardrops Dry
Writers: Ally Lindeen/Mark Dowdy/Joie Scott; Producer: Mark Dowdy; Publisher: Audio Illusion, BMI; Rivercrest (CDX)
-She is a solid vocalist, using her throaty lower register with great emotional effect. The imaginative production supports her effectively at every turn of this mid-tempo message of encouragement. Recommended.

Casey Donahew Band

Casey Donahew Band

Writers: Kyle Jacobs/David Tolliver/Fred Wilhelm; Producers: Jimmie Lee Sloas/Jerrod Niemann; Publishers: Curb/Jacobsong/StyleSonic/Meaux Mercy/Float/CapitolCMG, ASCAP/BMI; Arista (track)
-This will have you smiling from ear to ear, plus dancing your butt off. Hee-haw!

Writer: Johnny Orr; Producers: Johnny Orr/Shale Martin; Publishers: Johnny Orr, BMI; John and John
-The truck, the girl, the beer, the cooler full of ice. Ho hum.

COREY KANE BAND/Cheating on a Country Girl
Writers: Corey Vanderhoof; Producer: Corey Vanderhoof; Publishers: none listed; Sagi-Ta-Rus (CDX)
-Under produced by a country mile. It takes more than a fiddle and a drum, son. Also: stop trying to sound like Garth Brooks when you sing.

Ally Lindeen

Ally Lindeen

CASEY DONAHEW BAND/Lovin’ Out of Control
Writers: Matt Fleener/Brandon Lynn Kinney/Trent Summar; Producer: Casey Donahew; Publishers: Songs of Universal/EMI Blackwood, no performance rights listed; Almost Country
-This big and beefy rocker is packed with electric guitar and slamming rhythm. Donahew sings with country-boy authenticity. A winner.

Writers: Brad Paisley/Kelley Lovelace; Producer: Brad Paisley/Kendal Marcy/Luke Wooten; Publisher: none listed; ASCAP/BMI; Arista (CDX)
– The crunchy, punchy production touches are an audio delight. As usual, the guitar work is stellar. Brad gets vocal support from a “gang” choir. The sound of summer.

Writers: Kip Moore/Dan Couch/Westin Davis; Producer: Brett James; Publishers: Warner-Tamberlane/Against the Wind/Songs Of the Corn/Songs From the Couch/Magic Mustang/Reefer Road/Big Loud Bucks, BMI; MCA Nashville
– Gripping, intense and soulful, this is anchored by throbbing bass work and heart-attack drumming. The bro-country subject matter is hardly revolutionary, but when it is delivered with this much passion, it sounds extraordinary.

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley

BUZZ CASON/That’s What I Love About the South
Writers: Buzz Cason; Producer: Buzz Cason; Publisher: Buzz Cason, ASCAP; Plowboy (track)
-Buzz formed Nashville’s first rock ‘n’ roll band, had a pop smash called “Look for a Star,” formed the Berry Hill entertainment district with his Creative Workshop studio (now Blackbird), published Jimmy Buffett and co-wrote “Everlasting Love,” “Love’s the Only House,” “Timeless and True Love,” “Soldier of Love” and more. Decades down the road, he’s still at it with a self-produced CD titled Troubadour Heart. Its single is a funky, rocking delight with dandy, Dixie-fied lyrics.


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