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DexterRoberts-448-EditAsk Country artist Dexter Roberts to sum up his life in six words or less, and the answer you’ll get is “thank God I’m a country boy.” Born in Tuscaloosa, Ala. and raised in nearby Fayette, Ala., Dexter grew up working on the family farm and living out the tales of country music’s classic hits. He spent his days working the land with his Grandpa and dreaming of becoming a firefighter at the local Fayette County Fire Department.

All of that changed when his grandparents took 5-year-old Dexter to Vernon, Ala.’s ‘Burning Opry’ and bought him his very own red plastic guitar. Dexter instantly fell in love with the instrument, and later wandered off toward the sound of the music to test his newly acquired skills. When the house band’s drummer found the toddler backstage playing and dancing to the beat, he scooped Dexter up, took him front-stage and announced, “I don’t know who this kid belongs to, but he’s playing with us for the rest of the night!”

From that moment on, everything in Dexter’s life became centered on music. From performances at church, his high school’s beauty pageants and any nightclub that would look the other way for an underage country crooner, to solos for the cows while he worked on the farm, Dexter spent his days and nights perfecting his craft.
One fateful day, Dexter learned that the American Idol tour bus was stopping in nearby Tuscaloosa, and after some praying and encouragement from his friends and family, Dexter decided that American Idol was an opportunity he wouldn’t miss out on.

After starting audition day off with two flat tires and borrowing the family’s “little blue car” (a worn-out Nissan) to get to the audition, he was determined to give the best performance of his life. Thousands of hopefuls showed up that day and ultimately only five would be asked to continue on in American Idol: Season 13. That day, not one, but two, competitors had instrument issues and Dexter gladly let both of them use his guitar to audition – ironically, all three of them would continue to the next round.

Dexter’s journey would take him to 7th place overall on American Idol: Season 13. The ‘American Idol teddy bear’ quickly became a fan favorite and caught the attention of his own idol, Keith Urban; who called Dexter “the real deal.” Following the show, Dexter went on to tour with the American Idols LIVE! Tour until the avid outdoorsman was forced to leave the tour early when he contracted a serious case of Rocky Mountain spotted fever after being bitten by a tick during weekend of turkey hunting.

Since his run on American Idol, Dexter inked a deal with First Launch Records and has been writing and recording new music for his debut release. Dexter’s debut single, “Dream About Me,” will hit Country radio on Jan. 20, with an EP set to drop in early 2015. For more information on Dexter Roberts, visit his official website at, and follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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