DISClaimer: Hooked on ‘Nashville’

Hayden Panettiere

If you’re not hooked on ABC-TV’s Nashville, you’re not watching.

On top of the addictively dishy, soapy plotlines, the music on the show is consistently excellent. Which is the perfect preamble to saying that Nashville co-star Hayden Panettiere has the Disc of the Day. Don’t forget to tune in tonight (11/28).

Galloping in out of nowhere (well, Oklahoma City) is the group Drankmore. It’s “You Got to Me” is splendid on every level. It wins those boys a DisCovery Award.

CLEDUS T. JUDD/Honeymoon
Writer: Barry Dean/Natalie Hemby/Luke Laird/Cledus T. Judd/Chris Clark; Producer: Cledus T. Judd & Rex Paul Schnelle; Publisher: Barrytones/Universal Careers/EMI Blackwood/Wruckestrike; Warner Bros./Loud Mouth (CDX)
—It’s a parody of “Pontoon.” The just-married couple decides to go to Dollywood, taking their respective children along on their honeymoon. The wacky rhymes are the best parts.


JONMARK STONE/Another Sad Song
Writer: Jonmark Stone; Producer: Jonmark Stone, Vic Clay & Toni Clay; Publisher: Movieville, BMI; IGO (CDX) 
—“God I feel so old today,” he sings. He sounds it, too, on this dreary ballad.

GEORGE STRAIT/Give It All We Got Tonight
Writer: Tim James/Phil O’Donnell/Mark Bright; Producer: Tony Brown & George Strait; Publisher: Warner-Tamerlane/T-Bird’s/Sixteen Stars/Rooster Pecked/HoriPro/Delbert’s Boy, BMI/ASCAP; MCA Nashville (CDX)
—Dreamy and romantic, this ballad finds Strait’s voice floating on a cushion of piano notes, steel slides and background vocals. Very pretty.

TED RUSSELL KAMP/Right Down to the Wire
Writer: Ted Russell Kamp/Logan Mize; Producer: Ted Russell Kamp; Publisher: Terys the Silver/Cal IV/Even the Losers, ASCAP; PoMo (track)
—I have always liked this guy’s work. His new Night Owl collection was recorded at studios in Santa Monica, L.A. and Echo Park, CA, as well as Claremore, OK and Nashville. This emphasis track features his wistful, raspy vocal over an easy-going, brushed-snare rhythm and lilting, high-pitched guitar work. In the engaging lyric, he follows his heart, whether it leads him to joy or sadness. Recommended listening.

Writer: Cary Barlowe/Hillary Lindsay; Producer: Dann Huff; Publisher: Castle Bound/We Be Partying/Raylene/BMG Rights Management, SESAC/ASCAP; Big Machine (track) 
—The vixen from the TV series Nashville has her first single, and it’s a dandy. The double-time, rocking track is a perfect showcase for her sassy-purring delivery. Watch out: This is a kitten with claws.

Writer: David Erik/Jay Cooper; Producer: Greg Cole; Publisher: none listed, ASCAP; Fishing Hole (track)
—These three siblings harmonize tentatively on the choruses of this lost-love ballad. It’s a more-than-okay effort, but everyone sounds a little timid.

BOBBY BARE/Farewell Angelina
Writer: Bob Dylan; Producer: none listed; Publisher: none listed; Plowboy (track) 
—Bare’s new CD, Darker Than Light, is a collection of nicely produced folk songs. And what would a folk album be without a Dylan composition? The singer gives this goodbye song a world-weary performance while a top-notch sonic track rings and weaves around him. It’s a great sound. The whole project is.

Writer: Aaron Watson; Producer: Sam Seiffert & Wes Hightower; Publisher: Sonnet/Aaron Watson, BMI; HTK (CDX)
—A country boy falls head over heels in love and tumbles along merrily. A single with a built-in smile.

Writer: Chantal Kuegle/Ben Cooper; Producer: Kent Wells; Publisher: Chantal Kuegle/Box of Strings, SOCAN/BMI; GTR (CDX) (615-327-0100)
—It is well produced, and she can sing. The song does nothing for me.

Writer: Cody Hanson/Marshal Dutton/David Fanning/Kurt Alison/Rich Redmond; Producer: Marshal Dutton & Cody Fanning; Publisher: Firecrotch/Marshal Dutton/David Fanning/Magic Mustang, BMI; Back Lounge (CDX) (615-269-7071)
—Love the band name. And guess what? It’s a snappy little disc. The lead vocalist is a righteous “heart” singer, the rhythm section is cooking and the guitar playing is catchy and cool. Whoever this is, I’m diggin’ ‘em. Okay, I looked them up on Facebook, and they’re from Oklahoma City, a group fronted by Marshal Dutton and Jarrod Denton. There.


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