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LatestListings8-12As a RowFax subscribed member, you will receive an email on Wednesday afternoon (48 times a year) notifying you that your Latest Listings are ready to access on

Each issue includes approximately 30-50 current recording project listings from major labels, mid-size labels, independent labels and/or producers.

Here is a small sample of the types of recording project listings you will receive in each issue. Please note these are for example only, and are not current recording projects.

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Little Big Town/Capitol/ Wayne Kirkpatrick/Early June/City: Nashville, TN/Pitch Preference: CDs/Three songs

Ashley Gearing/Curb/Byron Gallimore/ASAP/City: Nashville, TN/Pitch Preference: CDs/Major priority; need singles; in studio now • CDs to (Some contact info provided with subscription)

Billy Currington/UMG/Carson Chamberlain/Late May/City: Nashville, TN/Pitch Preference: CDs/Great country songs • UMG A&R

Baylie Brown/Universal Records South/Mark Wright, Jay DeMarcus/TBD/City: Nashville, TN/Pitch Preference: CDs/Young, light female songs • Songs to (Some Contact info Provided with Subscription)

Blake Shelton/Warner Bros./Scott Hendricks/May 13/City: Nashville, TN/Pitch Preference: CDs/Contact: Starting to look for five; • CDs to Warner Bros. Records

Nikki Britt/Rustic Records, Inc./Jack Schneider/TBD/City: Brentwood, TN/Pitch Preference: CDs/Young, fun, energetic, uptempos; off the wall country; artist has great vocal range; send CDs with typed lyrics; • CDs to (Contact and address provided with Subscription)

Laurelyn Carter/Studio 19/Larry Roser/Late Fall/City: Nashville, TN/Pitch Preference: CDs-MP3-Links/Hits; website is • CDs to (Contact and address provided with Subscription)

(Small Example Only To Show Format- These Listings Are Expired)

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