Challenge Coin 2015



small-webcoinsOver the years, challenge coins have marked significant occasions and commemorated outstanding individuals. Continuing this tradition, MusicRow distributes its No. 1 Challenge Coin to the artists and songwriters who have achieved a No. 1 hit on the CountryBreakout Chart. This page will mark each coin’s distribution. Check other songs working their way up this week’s CountryBreakout Chart.

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December 17, 2015- “I Love This Life” Artist: LoCash (Songwriters: Danny Myrick, Chris Janson, Chris Lucas, Preston Brust) Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Red Vinyl Music, Inc., Round Hill Works

coinbulletCoin 360–  “I Love This Life ” – Preston Brust

coinbulletCoin 359– “I Love This Life ” – Chris Lucas

coinbulletCoin 358– “I Love This Life ” – Danny Myrick

coinbulletCoin 357–  “I Love This Life ” – Chris Janson


December 10, 2015- “Dibs” Artist: Kelsea Ballerini (Songwriters: Kelsea Ballerini, Josh Kerr, Ryan Griffin, Jason Duke) Publishers: Songs Of Black River, KNB Music, DHM Administration, Nyssa Music, Jason Duke Music

coinbulletCoin 356–  “Dibs” – Kelsea Ballerini

coinbulletCoin 355– “Dibs” – Josh Kerr

coinbulletCoin 354– “Dibs” – Ryan Griffin

coinbulletCoin 353–  “Dibs” – Jason Duke


December 3, 2015- “Die A Happy Man” Artist: Thomas Rhett (Songwriters: Thomas Rhett, Sean Douglas, Joe Spargur) Publishers:EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Cricket On The Line, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Eastman Pond Publishing, Music Of Big Deal, Nice Life, Frederic And Reid Music, BMG Platinum Songs

coinbulletCoin 352– “Die A Happy Man ” – Thomas Rhett

coinbulletCoin 351– “Die A Happy Man ” – Sean Douglas

coinbulletCoin 350–  “Die A Happy Man ” – Joe Spargur


November 25, 2015- “Country Nation” Artist: Brad Paisley (Songwriters: Brad Paisley, Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace) Publishers: House Of Sea Gayle Music, Making The Turn Music

coinbulletCoin 349– “Country Nation” – Brad Paisley

coinbulletCoin 348– “Country Nation” – Chris DuBois

coinbulletCoin 347–  “Country Nation” – Kelley Lovelace


November 19, 2015- “Gonna Know We Were Here” Artist: Jason Aldean (Songwriters: Brett Beavers, Brett James) Publishers: BMG Platinum Songs, Music Of Big Deal, Stalefish Music, BMG Chrysalis Music, WB Music Corp., Songs Of Brett, External Combustion Music

coinbulletCoin 346– “Gonna Know We Were Here ” – Jason Aldean

coinbulletCoin 345– “Gonna Know We Were Here ” – Brett James

coinbulletCoin 344–  “Gonna Know We Were Here ” – Brett Beavers


November 12, 2015- “Gonna” Artist: Blake Shelton (Songwriters: Luke Laird, Criag Wiseman) Publishers: Songs Of Universal, Inc., Creative Nation Music, Twangin And Slangin Songs, Big Loud Shirt Industries

coinbulletCoin 343– “Gonna” – Blake Shelton

coinbulletCoin 342– “Gonna” – Luke Laird

coinbulletCoin 341–  “Gonna” – Craig Wiseman


November 5, 2015- “Top Of The World” Artist: Tim McGraw (Songwriters: Jon Nite, Josh Osborne, Jimmy Robbins) Publishers: Extraordinary Alien Publishing, Universal Music Corporation, EMI April Music, Inc., Jon Mark Nite Music, Songs Of Black River, One Little Indian Creek Music

coinbulletCoin 340– “Top Of The World” – Tim McGraw

coinbulletCoin 339– “Top Of The World” – Jimmy Robbins

coinbulletCoin 338–  “Top Of The World” – Josh Osborne

coinbulletCoin 337–  “Top Of The World” – Jon Nite


October 29, 2015- “Stay A Little Longer” Artist: Brothers Osborne (Songwriters: Shane McAnally, TJ Osborne, John Osborne) Publishers: WB Music Corp., All The Kings Pens, Universal Music Corporation, Smack Ink

coinbulletCoin 336– “Stay A Little Longer ” – TJ Osborne

coinbulletCoin 335– “Stay A Little Longer ” – John Osborne

coinbulletCoin 334–  “Stay A Little Longer ” – Shane McAnally


October 22, 2015- “Burning House” Artist: Cam (Songwriters: Cam, Jeff Bhasker, Tyler Johnson) Publishers: Marvelous Oaks Records, One Year Yesterday Publishing, Jeff Bhasker Publishing Designee, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Way Above Music

coinbulletCoin 333– “Burning House ” – Cam

coinbulletCoin 332– “Burning House ” – Jeff Bhasker

coinbulletCoin 331–  “Burning House ” – Tyler Johnson


October 15, 2015- “Smoke Break” Artist: Carrie Underwood (Songwriters: Carrie Underwood, Chris DeStefano, Hillary Lindsey) Publishers: Carrie-Okie Music, EMI April Music, Inc., HillarodyRathbone Music, BMG Gold Songs

coinbulletCoin 330– “Smoke Break ” – Carrie Underwood

coinbulletCoin 329– “Smoke Break ” – Hillary Lindsey

coinbulletCoin 328–  “Smoke Break ” – Chris DeStefano


October 8, 2015- “Break Up With Him” Artist: Old Dominion (Songwriters: Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung, Brad Tursi) Publishers: Sonic Geo Music, Calhoun Enterprises, Music Of RPM, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc., ReHits Music, Inc., Smacktown Music, Wrensong Publishing Corp., Songs Of Big Deal, BMG Rights Management (US) LLC, Sharkules Music, Tiny Handstand

coinbulletCoin 327– “Break Up With Him” – Matthew Ramsey

coinbulletCoin 326– “Break Up With Him” – Trevor Rosen

coinbulletCoin 325–  “Break Up With Him” – Whit Sellers

coinbulletCoin 324– “Break Up With Him” – Geoff Sprung

coinbulletCoin 323–  “Break Up With Him” – Brad Tursi


October 1, 2015- “Strip It Down” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Luke Bryan, Jon Nite, Ross Copperman) Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Peanut Mill Songs, EMI April Music, Inc., Jon Mark Nite Music, EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Songs By Red Room

coinbulletCoin 322– “Strip It Down” – Luke Bryan

coinbulletCoin 321– “Strip It Down” – Jon Nite

coinbulletCoin 320–  “Strip It Down” – Ross Copperman


September 24, 2015- “I’m Comin’ Over” Artist: Chris Young (Songwriters: Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge, Chris Young) Publishers: EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Goodbye Pants Music,WB Music Corp., Songs From The Rose Hotel, EMI Foray Music, Write 2 Be Free Music

coinbulletCoin 319– “I’m Comin’ Over” – Chris Young

coinbulletCoin 318– “I’m Comin’ Over ” – Josh Hoge

coinbulletCoin 317–  “I’m Comin’ Over ” – Corey Crowder


September 17, 2015- “Fly” Artist: Maddie & Tae (Songwriters: Taylor Dye, Maddie Marlow, Tiffany Vartanyan) Publishers: Super Big Music, Not Your Average Girl Music, Silva Tone Music

coinbulletCoin 316– “Fly” – Taylor Dye

coinbulletCoin 315– “Fly” – Maddie Marlow

coinbulletCoin 314–  “Fly” – Tiffany Vartanyan


September 10, 2015- “Anything Goes” Artist: Florida Georgia Line (Songwriters: Felix McTeigue, Chris Tompkins, Craig Wiseman) Publishers: Rusty Muffler Songs, Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc., Big Loud Songs, Play Animal, Big Loud Shirt Industries

coinbulletCoin 313– “Anything Goes ” – Brian Kelley

coinbulletCoin 312– “Anything Goes ” – Tyler Hubbard

coinbulletCoin 311–  “Anything Goes ” –Felix McTeigue

coinbulletCoin 310–  “Anything Goes” –Chris Tompkins

coinbulletCoin 309–  “Anything Goes” –Craig Wiseman


September 3, 2015- “Save It For A Rainy Day” Artist: Kenny Chesney (Songwriters: Andrew Dorff, Matt Ramsey, Brad Tursi) Publishers: Songs Of Universal Inc., Endorffin Music, Sonic Geo Music, Calhoun Enterprises, Music Of RPM, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc., Songs Of Big Deal, BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

coinbulletCoin 308– “Save It For A Rainy Day ” – Kenny Chesney

coinbulletCoin 307– “Save It For A Rainy Day ” – Matt Ramsey

coinbulletCoin 306–  “Save It For A Rainy Day ” –Brad Tursi

coinbulletCoin 305–  “Save It For A Rainy Day ” –Andrew Dorff


August 27, 2015- “Long Stretch Of Love” Artist: Lady Antebellum (Songwriters: Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood, Josh Kear) Publishers: Beards And Bullets Music, 30A Getaway Songs, Hobbs Hill Publishing, Global Dog Music, Book Of Spells, WB Music Corp., W.B.M. Music Corp.

coinbulletCoin 304– “Long Stretch Of Love ” – Charles Kelley

coinbulletCoin 303– “Long Stretch Of Love ” – Hillary Scott

coinbulletCoin 302–  “Long Stretch Of Love ” –Dave Haywood

coinbulletCoin 301–  “Long Stretch Of Love ” –Josh Kear


August 20, 2015- “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16″ Artist: Keith Urban (Songwriters: Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne) Publishers: Smack Hits, GMR/Kobalt Music Group Ltd., GMR/EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Songs By Red Room,Songs Of Black River, One Little Indian Creek Music

coinbulletCoin 300– “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16″ – Keith Urban

coinbulletCoin 299– “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16″ – Ross Copperman

coinbulletCoin 298–  “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16″ –Shane McAnally

coinbulletCoin 297–  “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16″ –Josh Osborne


August 13, 2015- “House Party” Artist: Sam Hunt (Songwriters: Sam Hunt, Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers) Publishers: Universal Music Corporation, Three Mules Music, External Combustion Music, Who Wants To Buy My Publishing, Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishing, LLC,WB Music Corp.

coinbulletCoin 296– “House Party” – Sam Hunt

coinbulletCoin 295– “House Party” – Zach Crowell

coinbulletCoin 294–  “House Party” –Jerry Flowers


August 6, 2015- “Crash And Burn” Artist: Thomas Rhett (Songwriters: Jesse Frasure, Chris Stapleton) Publishers: Rio Bravo Music, Inc., WB Music Corp., Ken Tucky Music

coinbulletCoin 293– “Crash And Burn” – Thomas Rhett

coinbulletCoin 292– “Crash And Burn ” – Jesse Frasure

coinbulletCoin 291–  “Crash And Burn ” –Chris Stapleton


July 30, 2015- “Kick The Dust Up” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Chris Destefano, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley) Publishers: EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Two Chord Georgia Music, EMI April Music, Inc., Combustion Engine Music, Sadie’s Favorite Songs, WB Music Corp.

coinbulletCoin 290– “Kick The Dust Up” – Luke Bryan

coinbulletCoin 289– “Kick The Dust Up” – Chris Destefano

coinbulletCoin 288–  “Kick The Dust Up” –Ashley Gorley

coinbulletCoin 287–  “Kick The Dust Up” – Dallas Davidson


July 23, 2015- “I’m To Blame” Artist: Kip Moore (Songwriters: Kip Moore, Justin Weaver, Westin Davis) Publishers: WB Music Corp., Cool Change Music, Music Of The Corn, Magic Mustang Music Inc., Reefer Road Music, Inc., Big Loud Bucks

coinbulletCoin 286– “I’m To Blame”-Kip Moore

coinbulletCoin 285–  “I’m To Blame”-Justin Weaver

coinbulletCoin 284–  “I’m To Blame”-Westin Davis


July 16, 2015- “Kiss You In The Morning” Artist: Michael Ray (Songwriters: Justin Wilson, Michael White) Publishers: Magic Mustang Music Inc., Big Loud Bucks, Downtown DMP Songs, Music Of Parallel, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.

coinbulletCoin 283– “Kiss You In The Morning”-Michael Ray

coinbulletCoin 282–  “Kiss You In The Morning”-Justin Wilson

coinbulletCoin 281–  “Kiss You In The Morning”-Michael White


July 9, 2015- “Like A Wrecking Ball” Artist: Eric Church (Songwriters: Eric Church, Casey Beathard) Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Longer And Louder Music, Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music, Six Ring Circus Songs

coinbulletCoin 280– “Like A Wrecking Ball”-Eric Church

coinbulletCoin 279–  “Like A Wrecking Ball”-Casey Beathard


July 2, 2015- “Tonight Looks Good On You” Artist: Jason Aldean (Songwriters: Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins) Publishers: Blackwood Music Inc., Two Chord Georgia Music, Brooks Country Boy Music, Highly Combustible Music, WB Music Corp., Sadie’s Favorite Songs

coinbullet Coin 278– “Tonight Looks Good On You”-Jason Aldean

coinbullet Coin 277–  “Tonight Looks Good On You”-Ashley Gorley

coinbullet Coin 276– “Tonight Looks Good On You”-Dallas Davidson

coinbullet Coin 275– “Tonight Looks Good On You”-Rhett Akins


June 25, 2015- “Sangria” Artist: Blake Shelton (Songwriters: JT Harding, Josh Osborne, Trevor Rosen) Publishers: SONGS Music Publishing, LLC, Mighty Seven, Heavy Metal Disco, Songs Of SMP, One Little Indian Creek Music, Songs Of Black River, ReHits Music, Inc., Smacktown Music

coinbullet Coin 274– “Sangria”-Blake Shelton

coinbullet Coin 273–  “Sangria”-JT Harding

coinbullet Coin 272– “Sangria”-Josh Osborne

coinbullet Coin 271– “Sangria”-Trevor Rosen


June 18, 2015- “One Hell Of An Amen” Artist: Brantley Gilbert (Songwriters: Brantley Gilbert, Mike Dekle, Brian Davis) Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Indiana Angel Music, Royal Doll Music, Mike Curb Music

coinbullet Coin 270– “One Hell Of An Amen”-Brantley Gilbert

coinbullet Coin 269–  “One Hell Of An Amen”-Mike Dekle

coinbullet Coin 268– “One Hell Of An Amen”-Brian Davis


June 11, 2015- “Girl Crush” Artist: Little Big Town (Songwriters: Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose) Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Songs Of Crazy Girl Music, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Hoodie Songs, HillarodyRathbone Music, BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

coinbullet Coin 267– “Girl Crush”-Karen Fairchild

coinbullet Coin 266–  “Girl Crush”Jimi Westbrook

coinbullet Coin 265– “Girl Crush”-Kimberly Schlapman

coinbullet Coin 264– “Girl Crush” -Phillip Sweet

coinbullet Coin 263–  “Girl Crush” –Hillary Lindsey

coinbullet Coin 262– “Girl Crush”-Liz Rose

coinbullet Coin 261– “Girl Crush”-Lori McKenna


June 4, 2015- “Love Me Like You Mean it” Artist: Kelsea Ballerini (Songwriters: Kelsea Ballerini, Josh Kerr, Forest Glen Whitehead, Lance Carpenter) Publishers: Songs Of Black River, Songs of Parallel, HPRD Publishing, Downtown DLJ Songs

coinbullet Coin 260– “Love Me Like You Mean It”-Kelsea Ballerini

coinbullet Coin 259–  “Love Me Like You Mean It”Josh Kerr

coinbullet Coin 258– “Love Me Like You Mean It”-Forest Glen Whitehead

coinbullet Coin 257– “Love Me Like You Mean It”-Lance Carpenter


May 28, 2015- “Crushin’ It” Artist: Brad Paisley (Songwriters: Brad Paisley, Kelley Lovelace, Lee Thomas Miller) Publishers: House Of Sea Gayle Music, Making The Turn Music, Do Write Music, LLC, WarnerTamerlane Publishing Corp., The Country And Western Music

coinbullet Coin 256– “Crushin’ It”-Brad Paisley

coinbullet Coin 255–  “Crushin’ It”-Kelley Lovelace

coinbullet Coin 254– “Crushin’ It”-Lee Thomas Miller


May 21, 2015- “Sippin’ On Fire” Artist: Florida Georgia Line (Songwriters: Rodney Clawson, Matt Dragstrem, Cole Taylor) Publishers: Big Red Toe, Farm Town Songs, Big Loud Songs, Universal Music Corporation

coinbullet Coin 253– “Sippin’ On Fire” -Tyler Hubbard

coinbullet Coin 252–  “Sippin’ On Fire” –Brian Kelley

coinbullet Coin 251– “Sippin’ On Fire”-Rodney Clawson

coinbullet Coin 250–  “Sippin’ On Fire”-Matt Dragstrem

coinbullet Coin 249– “Sippin’ On Fire”-Cole Taylor


May 14, 2015- “Little Toy Guns” Artist: Carrie Underwood (Songwriters: Carrie Underwood, Chris Destefano, Hillary Lindsey) Publishers: Carrie-Okie Music, EMI April Music, Inc., Sugar Glider Music, HillarodyRathbone Music, BMG Gold Songs

coinbullet Coin 248– “Little Toy Guns”-Carrie Underwood

coinbullet Coin 247–  “Little Toy Guns”-Chris DeStefano

coinbullet Coin 246– “Little Toy Guns”-Hillary Lindsey


May 7, 2015- “Diamond Rings And Old Barstools” Artist: Tim McGraw (Songwriters: Luke Laird, Jonathan Singleton, Barry Dean) Publishers: Songs Of Universal, Inc., Creative Nation Music, Twangin And Slangin Songs, Country Paper, Pulse Nation, BMG Gold Songs, Glassbean, We Jam Writers Group

coinbullet Coin 245– “Diamond Rings And Old Barstools” -Tim McGraw

coinbullet Coin 244–  “Diamond Rings And Old Barstools”-Luke Laird

coinbullet Coin 243– “Diamond Rings And Old Barstools”-Jonathan Singleton

coinbullet Coin 242– “Diamond Rings And Old Barstools”-Barry Dean


April 30, 2015- “Smoke” Artist: A Thousand Horses (Songwriters: Michael Hobby, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite) Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Carolina June Publishing, Greatshakin Music, April Music, Inc., Jon Mark Nite Music, Songs By Red Room, Blackwood Music Inc

coinbulletCoin 241– “Smoke”-Graham Deloach

coinbulletCoin 240–  “Smoke” -Zach Brown

coinbulletCoin 239– “Smoke”-Bill Satcher

coinbulletCoin 238– “Smoke”-Michael Hobby

coinbulletCoin 237–  “Smoke”-Ross Copperman

coinbulletCoin 236– “Smoke”-Jon Nite


April 23, 2015- “Wild Child” Artist: Kenny Chesney (Songwriters: Kenny Chesney, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne) Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Basuare Music, Universal Music Corporation, Smack Ink, ASCAP/One Little Indian Creek Music, Songs Of Black River

coinbulletCoin 235–”Wild Child”-Kenny Chesney

coinbulletCoin 234– “Wild Child”-Shane McAnally

coinbulletCoin 233– “Wild Child” -Josh Osborne


April 16, 2015- “Take Your Time” Artist: Sam Hunt (Songwriters: Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne) Publishers: Universal Music Corporation, Three Mules Music, Songs Of Black River, Smack Ink, 

coinbullet Coin 232–”Take Your Time”-Sam Hunt

coinbullet Coin 231–”Take Your Time” -Shane McAnally

coinbullet Coin 230–”Take Your Time” -Josh Osborne


April 9, 2015- “Don’t It” Artist: Billy Currington (Songwriters: Ross Copperman, Jaren Johnston, Ashley Gorley) Publishers: ATV Harmony, Texa Rae Music, Highly Combustible Music,Sadie’s Favorite Songs, WB Music Corp., EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Songs By Red Room

coinbullet Coin 229–”Don’t It”-Billy Currington

coinbullet Coin 228–”Don’t It”-Ross Copperman

coinbullet Coin 227– “Don’t It”-Ashley Gorley

coinbullet Coin 226–”Don’t It”-Jaren Johnston


April 2, 2015- “Baby Be My Love Song” Artist: Easton Corbin (Songwriters: Jim Collins, Brett James) Publishers: Music Of Cal IV, Tractor Factor Music, WB Music Corp., Songs Of Brett, External Combustion Music

coinbullet Coin 225–”Baby Be My Love Song”-Easton Corbin

coinbullet Coin 224–”Baby Be My Love Song”-Jim Collins

coinbullet Coin 223–”Baby Be My Love Song”-Brett James


March 19, 2015- “Raise ‘Em Up” Artist: Keith Urban & Eric Church (Songwriters: Tom Douglas, Jaren Johnston, Jeffrey Steele) Publishers: Sony/ATV Harmony, Texa Rae Music, Jeffrey Steele Music, BPJ Administration, Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Tomdouglasmusic 

coinbullet Coin 222–”Raise ‘Em Up”-Keith Urban

coinbullet Coin 221–”Raise ‘Em Up”-Eric Church

coinbullet Coin 220–”Raise ‘Em Up”-Jeffrey Steele

coinbullet Coin 219–”Raise ‘Em Up”-Jaren Johnston

coinbullet Coin 218–”Raise ‘Em Up”-Tom Douglas


March 19, 2015- “Homegrown” Artist: Zac Brown Band (Songwriters: Zac Brown, Wyatt Durrette, Niko Moon) Publishers: Day For The Dead Publishing, Southern Ground, Life On Fire Music

coinbullet  Coin 217–”Homegrown”-Zac Brown Band

coinbullet  Coin 216–”Homegrown”-Wyatt Durrette

coinbullet  Coin 215–”Homegrown”-Niko Moon


March 12, 2015- “A Guy Walks Into A Bar” Artist: Tyler Farr (Songwriters: Jonathon Singleton, Melissa Peirce, Brad Tursi) Publishers: Platinum Melly Music, East Pass Music, Nashvistaville Songs, Super Big Music, Jett Music, Big Machine Music, Songs Of Big Deal, BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

coinbullet  Coin 214–”A Guy Walks Into A Bar”-Tyler Farr

coinbullet  Coin 213–”A Guy Walks Into A Bar”-Jonathon Singleton

coinbullet  Coin 212–”A Guy Walks Into A Bar”-Melissa Peirce

coinbullet  Coin 211–”A Guy Walks Into A Bar”-Brad Tursi


March 5, 2015- “Just Gettin’ Started” Artist: Jason Aldean (Songwriters: Chris DeStefano, Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley) Publishers: EMI April Music, Inc., Sugar Glider Music, EMI Blackwood Music Inc., External Combustion Music, Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishing, L/Out Of The Taperoom Music, Brooks Country Boy Music, WB Music Corp.

coinbullet  Coin 210–”Just Gettin’ Started”-Jason Aldean

coinbullet  Coin 209–”Just Gettin’ Started”-Chris DeStefano

coinbullet  Coin 208–”Just Gettin’ Started”-Rhett Akins

coinbullet  Coin 207– “Just Gettin’ Started”-Ashley Gorley


February 26, 2015- “Say You Do” Artist: Dierks Bentley (Songwriters: Shane McAnally, Matt Ramsey, Trevor Rosen) Publishers: Sonic Geo Music, Calhoun Enterprises, Music Of RPM, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc., Universal Music Corporation, Smack Ink, ReHits Music, Inc., Smacktown Music

coinbullet  Coin 206–”Say You Do”-Dierks Bentley

coinbullet  Coin 205–”Say You Do”-Shane McAnally

coinbullet  Coin 204–”Say You Do”-Matt Ramsey

coinbullet Coin 203–”Say You Do”-Trevor Rosen


February 19, 2015- “What We Ain’t Got” Artist: Jake Owen (Songwriters: Travis Meadows, Travis Jerome Goff) Publishers: Red Vinyl Music, Inc., Songs Of Universal, Inc.

coinbullet  Coin 202–“What We Ain’t Got”-Jake Owen

coinbullet Coin 201–“What We Ain’t Got”-Travis Meadows

coinbullet Coin 200–“What We Ain’t Got”-Travis Jerome Goff


February 12, 2015- “Lonely Tonight” Artist: Blake Shelton (Songwriters: Brent Anderson, Ryan Hurd) Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., 3JB Music, Fresh Baked Cookies

coinbullet Coin 199–“Lonely Tonight”-Blake Shelton

coinbullet  Coin 198–“Lonely Tonight”-Brent Anderson

coinbullet  Coin 197–“Lonely Tonight”-Ryan Hurd


February 5, 2015- “Drinking Class” Artist: Lee Brice (Songwriters: Josh Kear, David Frasier, Ed Hill) Publishers: Global Dog Music, Lunalight Music, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.,Gumbo Mud Music, Big Hits Of Amylase, Five Hills Music, Do Write Music, LLC

coinbullet Coin 196–“Drinking Class”-Lee Brice

coinbullet Coin 195–“Drinking Class”-Josh Kear

coinbullet Coin 194–“Drinking Class”-David Frasier

coinbullet Coin 193–“Drinking Class” -Ed Hill


January 29, 2015- Lonely Eyes” Artist: Chris Young (Songwriters: Johnny Bulford, Jason Matthews, Laura Veltz) Publishers:Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., 3JB Music, Fresh Baked Cookies

coinbullet Coin 192–“Lonely Eyes”-Chris Young

coinbullet Coin 191–“Lonely Eyes”-Johnny Bulford

coinbullet Coin 190–“Lonely Eyes”-Jason Matthews

coinbullet Coin 189–“Lonely Eyes”-Laura Veltz


January 22, 2015- Sun Daze” Artist: Florida Georgia Line (Songwriters: Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure, Sarah Buxton) Publishers: Castle Bound Music, Inc., We Be Pawtying, Rio Bravo Music, Inc., Big Red Toe, Bux Tone Music, Big Loud Mountain, T Hubb Publishing, Pranch Ringle Music

coinbullet Coin 188–“Sun Daze”-Tyler Hubbard

coinbullet Coin 187–“Sun Daze”-Brian Kelley

coinbullet Coin 186–“Sun Daze”-Cary Barlowe

coinbullet Coin 185–“Sun Daze”-Jesse Frasure

coinbullet Coin 184–“Sun Daze”-Sarah Buxton


January 15, 2015- Make Me Wanna” Artist: Thomas Rhett (Songwriters:Thomas Rhett, Bart Butler, Larry McCoy) Publishers: EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Cricket On The Line Music, Bill Butler Music, Hondo Creek Music

coinbullet Coin 183–“Make Me Wanna”-Thomas Rhett

coinbullet Coin 182“Make Me Wanna”-Bart Butler

coinbullet Coin 181–“Make Me Wanna”-Larry McCoy


January 8, 2015- I See You” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird) Publishers: Publishers: ATV Tree Publishing, Peanut Mill Songs, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Creative Nation Music, Twangin And Slangin Songs, Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishing, L/Out Of The Taperoom Music, Combustion Music

coinbullet  Coin 180–“I See You”-Luke Bryan

coinbullet  Coin 179–“I See You”-Ashley Gorley

coinbullet  Coin 178–“I See You”-Luke Laird