Challenge Coin 2014



small-webcoinsOver the years, challenge coins have marked significant occasions and commemorated outstanding individuals. Continuing this tradition, MusicRow distributes its No. 1 Challenge Coin to the artists and songwriters who have achieved a No. 1 hit on the CountryBreakout Chart. This page will mark each coin’s distribution. Check other songs working their way up this week’s CountryBreakout Chart.

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December 18, 2014 – “Homegrown Honey” Artist: Darius Rucker (Songwriters: Darius Rucker, Charles Kelley, Nathan Chapman) Publishers: Universal Music Corporation, Cadaja Publishing, Getaway Songs, Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc., Songs Of Universal, Inc., Art In The Pain Publishing

coinbullet  Coin 177–  “Homegrown Honey”-Darius Rucker

coinbullet  Coin 176–  “Homegrown Honey”-Charles Kelly

coinbullet  Coin 175–  “Homegrown Honey”-Nathan Chapman


December 11, 2014 – “Talladega” Artist: Eric Church (Songwriters: Eric Church, Luke Laird)Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Longer And Louder Music, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Creative Nation Music, Twangin And Slangin Songs

coinbullet  Coin 174–  “Talladega”-Eric Church

coinbullet  Coin 173–  “Talladega”-Luke Laird


December 4, 2014 – “Til It’s Gone” Artist: Kenny Chesney (Songwriters: Rodney Clawson, David Lee Murphy, Jimmy Yeary)Publishers: Big Red Toe, Farm Town Songs, Old Desperados, LLC, Carol Vincent And Associates, LLC., N2D Publishing Company, Inc., EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Beattyville Music, Great Day At This Music

coinbullet  Coin 172–“Til It’s Gone”-Kenny Chesney

coinbullet  Coin 171–“Til It’s Gone”-Rodney Clawson

coinbullet  Coin 170–“Til It’s Gone”-David Lee Murphy

coinbullet  Coin 169–“Til It’s Gone”-Jimmy Yeary


November 26, 2014 – “Something In The Water” Artist: Carrie Underwood (Songwriters: Chris DeStefano, Brett James, Carrie Underwood) Publishers: Carrie-Okie Music, EMI April Music, Inc., Sugar Glider Music, Sony/ATV Tunes LLC, WB Music Corp.

coinbullet  Coin 168–“Something In The Water”-Carrie Underwood

coinbullet  Coin 167–“Something In The Water”-Chris DeStefano

coinbullet  Coin 166–“Something In The Water”-Brett James


November 20, 2014 – “Shotgun Rider” Artist: Tim McGraw (Songwriters: Hillary Lindsey, Marv Green, Troy Verges ) Publishers: HillarodyRathbone Music, BMG Rights Management (US) LLC,Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., The Good The Bad The Ugly Publishing,Goes Something Like This Music,Songs Of Universal,Inc., Songs From The Engine Room

coinbullet  Coin 165–“Shotgun Rider”-Tim McGraw

coinbullet  Coin 164–“Shotgun Rider”-Hillary Lindsey

coinbullet  Coin 163–“Shotgun Rider”-Marv Green

coinbullet  Coin 162–“Shotgun Rider”-Troy Verges


November 13, 2014 – “Perfect Storm” Artist: Brad Paisley (Songwriters: Brad Paisley, Lee Thomas Miller) Publishers: House Of Sea Gayle Music, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.,The Country And Western Music

coinbullet  Coin 161–“Perfect Storm”-Brad Paisley

coinbullet  Coin 160–“Perfect Storm”-Lee Thomas Miller


November 6, 2014 – “Girl In A Country Song” Artist: Maddie & Tae (Songwriters:Taylor Dye, Maddie Marlow, Aaron Scherz) Publishers: Big Music Machine, Super Big Music, Big Machine Music

coinbullet  Coin 159– “Girl In A Country Song”-Taylor Dye

coinbullet  Coin 158– “Girl In A Country Song”-Maddie Marlow

coinbullet  Coin 157–  “Girl In A Country Song”-Aaron Scherz


October 30, 2014 – “Neon Light” Artist: Blake Shelton (Songwriters: Andrew Dorff, Mark Irwin, Josh Kear) Publishers:  Songs Of Universal, Inc.,  Morendorffin Music, Global Dog Music, Book Of Spells, Green Vinyl Music

coinbullet  Coin 156–“Neon Light”-Blake Shelton

coinbullet  Coin 155–“Neon Light”-Andrew Dorff

coinbullet  Coin 154– “Neon Light”-Mark Irwin

coinbullet  Coin 153– “Neon Light”-Josh Kear


October 23, 2014 – “Somewhere In My Car” Artist: Keith Urban (Songwriters: Keith Urban, J.T. Harding ) Publishers:  SONGS Music Publishing, LLC, Mighty Seven,Songs Of SMP, Heavy Metal Disco, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Mary Rose Music

coinbullet  Coin 152–  “Somewhere In My Car”-Keith Urban

coinbullet  Coin 151–  “Somewhere In My Car”-J.T. Harding


October 16, 2014 – “Ready Set Roll” Artist: Chase Rice (Songwriters: Chase Rice, Rhett Akins, Chris DeStefano) Publishers: EMI April Music, Inc., Sugar Glider Music,EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Rhettneck Music, Sony/ATV Countryside,Dack Janiel’s Publishing

coinbullet  Coin 150–  “Ready Set Roll”-Chase Rice

coinbullet  Coin 149–  “Ready Set Roll”-Chris DeStefano

coinbullet  Coin 148–  “Ready Set Roll”-Rhett Akins


October 9, 2014 – “Leave The Night On” Artist: Sam Hunt (Songwriters: Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne) Publishers: Twang Tractor Music, Wrensong Publishing Corp., Reynsong Publishing Corp., Songs Of Black River, Black River Entertainment, LLC, Universal Music Corporation, Smack Ink

coinbullet  Coin 147–  “Leave The Night On”-Sam Hunt

coinbullet  Coin 146–  “Leave The Night On”-Shane McAnally

coinbullet  Coin 145–  “Leave The Night On”-Josh Osborne


October 2, 2014 – “Day Drinking” Artist: Little Big Town (Songwriters: Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet, Troy Verges, Barry Dean) Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.,Little Big Town, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Magnolia Beach Music, Creative Nation Music, Country Paper, Pulse Nation

coinbullet  Coin 144–  “Day Drinking”-Kimberly Schlapman

coinbullet  Coin 143–  “Day Drinking”-Karen Fairchild

coinbullet  Coin 142–  “Day Drinking”-Jimi Westbrook

coinbullet  Coin 141–   “Day Drinking”-Philip Sweet

coinbullet  Coin 140–  “Day Drinking”-Troy Verges

coinbullet  Coin 139–  “Day Drinking”-Barry Dean


September 25, 2014 – “Somethin’ Bad” Artist: Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood (Songwriters: Chris DeStefano, Brett James, Priscilla Renea) Publishers: April Music, Inc.,Sugar Glider Music, WB Music Corp., Songs Of Brett, External Combustion Music, Keep It Simple Stupid Publishing

coinbullet Coin 138–  “Somethin’ Bad”-Miranda Lambert

coinbullet Coin 137–  “Somethin’ Bad”-Carrie Underwood

coinbullet Coin 136–  “Somethin’ Bad”-Chris DeStefano

coinbullet Coin 135– “Somethin’ Bad”-Brett James

coinbullet Coin 134– “Somethin’ Bad”-Priscilla Renea


September 18, 2014 – “Small Town Throwdown” Artist: Brantley Gilbert (Songwriters: Brantley Gilbert, Ben Hayslip, Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins) Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Indiana Angel Music, WB Music Corp., Get A Load Of This Music, EMI Blackwood Music Inc.

coinbullet Coin 133–  “Small Town Throwdown”-Brantley Gilbert

coinbullet Coin 132–  “Small Town Throwdown”-Ben Hayslip

coinbullet Coin 131–  “Small Town Throwdown”-Dallas Davidson

coinbullet Coin 130– “Small Town Throwdown”-Rhett Akins


September 11, 2014 – “Roller Coaster” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Michael Carter, Cole Swindell) Publishers:Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing,

coinbullet Coin 129–  “Roller Coaster”-Luke Bryan

coinbullet Coin 128–  “Roller Coaster”-Michael Carter

coinbullet Coin 127–  “Roller Coaster”-Cole Swindell


August 28-September 4, 2014 – “Dirt” Artist: Florida Georgia Line (Songwriters: Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins) Publishers: Big Loud Songs, Play Animal, Big Red Toe, Farm Town Songs

coinbulletCoin 126–  “Dirt”-Brian Kelley

coinbulletCoin 125–  “Dirt”-Tyler Hubbard

coinbulletCoin 124–  “Dirt”-Rodney Clawson

coinbulletCoin 123–  “Dirt”-Chris Tompkins


August 21, 2014 – “Later On” Artist: Swon Brothers (Songwriters: Ryan Hurd, Joey Hyde, Justin Wilson) Publishers: Universal Music Corporation, Lake Allegan Pub Club, Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Magic Mustang Music Inc.

coinbullet  Coin 122– “Later On”-Colton Swon

coinbullet  Coin 121–  “Later On”-Zach Swon

coinbullet  Coin 120–  “Later On”-Justin Wilson

coinbullet  Coin 119–  “Later On”-Joey Hyde

coinbullet  Coin 118–  “Later On”-Ryan Hurd


August 14, 2014 – “American Kids” Artist: Kenny Chesney (Songwriters: Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally) Publishers: Big Red Toe,Big Loud Bucks,Farm Town Songs,Universal Music Corporation, Smack Ink,Songs Of Universal, Inc., Creative Nation Music, Twangin And Slangin Songs

coinbulletCoin 117– “American Kids”-Kenny Chesney

coinbulletCoin 116–  “American Kids”-Shane McAnally

coinbulletCoin 115–  “American Kids”-Luke Laird

coinbulletCoin 114–  “American Kids”-Rodney Clawson


August 7, 2014 – “Bartender” Artist: Lady Antebellum (Songwriters: Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood, Hilary Scott, Rodney Clawson)– Publishers: Beards And Bullets Music, 30A Getaway Songs, Hobbs Hill Publishing, Kobalt Publishing, Big Red Toe, Big Loud Bucks

coinbulletCoin 113– “Bartender”-Charles Kelley

coinbullet Coin 112–“Bartender”-Dave Haywood

coinbulletCoin 111–“Bartender”-Hillary Scott

coinbulletCoin 110–“Bartender”-Rodney Clawson


July 31, 2014 – “I Don’t Dance” Artist: Lee Brice (Songwriters: Lee Brice, Rob Hatch, Dallas Davidson)– Publishers: Mike Curb Music, Legends Of Magic Mustang Music, Way Down The Hatch, Blackwood Music Inc.,Two Chord Georgia Music

coinbullet  Coin 109– “I Don’t Dance”-Lee Brice

coinbullet  Coin 108–  “I Don’t Dance”-Dallas Davidson

coinbullet  Coin 107–  “I Don’t Dance”-Rob Hatch


July 24, 2014 – “Drunk On A Plane” Artist: Dierks Bentley (Songwriters: Dierks Bentley, Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear)– Publishers: Big Loud Songs,Play Animal, Global Dog Music, Big Yellow Dog Music, Lunalight Music, Big White Tracks, Capitol Records

coinbullet  Coin 106– “Drunk On A Plane”-Dierks Bentley

coinbullet  Coin 105–  “Drunk On A Plane”-Chris Tompkins

coinbullet  Coin 104–  “Drunk On A Plane”-Josh Kear


July 17, 2014 – Meanwhile, Back At Mama’s Artist: Tim McGraw (Songwriters: Tom Douglas, Jaren Johnston, Jeffrey Steele)– Publishers: Sony/ATV Harmony,Texa Rae Music,Sony/ATV Tree Publishing,Tomdouglasmusic, BMI/Jeffrey Steele Music,BPJ Administration

coinbullet  Coin 103– “Meanwhile, Back At Mama’s”-Tim McGraw

coinbullet  Coin 102– “Meanwhile, Back At Mama’s”-Tom Douglas

coinbullet  Coin 101– “Meanwhile, Back At Mama’s”-Jaren Johnston

coinbullet  Coin 100– “Meanwhile, Back At Mama’s”-Jeffrey Steele


July 10, 2014 – “Song About A Girl” Artist: Eric Paslay (Songwriters:  Eric Paslay, Jessi Alexander, Gordie Sampson) – Publishers: Cal IV Songs, Five Stone Publishing, Party Of Five Music, Bughouse, ASCAP/Dash8 Music, Bug Music, BMG Chrysalis Music

coinbullet  Coin 99– “Song About A Girl”-Eric Paslay

coinbullet  Coin 98– “Song About A Girl”-Jessi Alexander

coinbullet  Coin 97– “Song About A Girl”-Gordie Sampson


July 3, 2014 – “Dust” Artist: Eli Young Band (Songwriters:  Jon Jones, James Young, Kyle Jacobs, Josh Osborne) – Publishers: Agent4T5, Young James Young Music, NTAC Music, Curb Songs, Jacobsong, Wizard Of Os Music, Songs Of Black River, Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing,

coinbullet  Coin 96– “Dust”-Mike Eli

coinbullet  Coin 95– “Dust”-Jon Jones

coinbullet  Coin 94– “Dust”-James Young

coinbullet  Coin 93– “Dust”-Chris Thompson

coinbullet  Coin 92– “Dust”-Kyle Jacobs

coinbullet  Coin 91– “Dust”-Josh Osborne


June 26, 2014 – “My Eyes” Artist: Blake Shelton (Songwriters:  Josh Osbourne, Tommy Lee James, Andrew Dorff) – Publishers: Want A Fresh One Music, Pretty Woman Publishing, LLC, Super Phonic Music, BMG Rights Management, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Endorffin Music

coinbullet  Coin 90– “My Eyes”-Blake Shelton

coinbullet  Coin 89– “My Eyes”-Josh Osbourne

coinbullet  Coin 88– “My Eyes”-Tommy Lee James

coinbullet  Coin 87– “My Eyes”-Andrew Dorff


June 19, 2014 – “River Bank” Artist: Brad Paisley (Songwriters:  Brad Paisley, Kelley Lovelace) – Publishers: House Of Sea Gayle Music, Words & Music, Pending, Arista Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 86– “River Bank”-Brad Paisley

coinbullet  Coin 85– “River Bank”-Kelley Lovelace


June 12, 2014 – “Beachin” Artist: Jake Owen (Songwriters:  Jaren Johnston, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins) – Publishers: Sony/ATV Harmony,Texa Rae Music, Jon Mark Nite Music, EMI April Music, Inc., Universal Music Corporation, Extraordinary Alien Publishing, RCA

coinbullet  Coin 84– “Beachin”-Jake Owen

coinbullet  Coin 83– “Beachin”-Jaren Johnston

coinbullet  Coin 82– “Beachin”-Jon Nite

coinbullet  Coin 81– “Beachin”-Jimmy Robbins


June 4, 2014 – “Who I Am With You” Artist: Chris Young (Songwriters: Marv Green, Jason Sellers, Paul Jenkins) – Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., The Good The Bad The Ugly Publishing, Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing, Made For This Music, Becky’s Boy Music, Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, RCA

coinbullet  Coin 80– “Who I Am With You”-Chris Young

coinbullet  Coin 79– “Who I Am With You”-Marv Green

coinbullet  Coin 78– “Who I Am With You”-Jason Sellers

coinbullet  Coin 77–”Who I Am With You”-Paul Jenkins


May 29, 2014 – “Whiskey In My Water” Artist: Tyler Farr (Songwriters: Tyler Farr, Philip Larue, John Ozier) – Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Let The Road Pave Itself, Razor & Tie Music Publishing, Maxx Music, Mike Curb Music, Over The Bar Music

coinbullet  Coin 76– “Whiskey In My Water”-Tyler Farr

coinbullet  Coin 75– “Whiskey In My Water”-Philip Larue

coinbullet  Coin 74– “Whiskey In My Water”-John Ozier


May 22, 2014 – “Chainsaw” Artist: The Band Perry (Songwriters: Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally, Matt Ramsey) – Publishers: Universal Music Corporation, Smack Ink,Smack Songs LLC, Want A Fresh One Music, Black River Entertainment, LLC, Music Of RPM, Sonic Geo Music, Republic Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 73– “Chainsaw”-Kimberly Perry

coinbullet  Coin 72– “Chainsaw”-Reid Perry

coinbullet  Coin 71–”Chainsaw”-Neil Perry

coinbullet  Coin 70– “Chainsaw”-Josh Osborne

coinbullet  Coin 69– “Chainsaw”-Shane McAnally

coinbullet  Coin 68– “Chainsaw”-Matt Ramsey


May 15, 2014 – “Play It Again” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson) – Publishers: Songs Of Southside Independent, Music Publishing/Out Of The Taperoom Music/External Combustion Music, EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Capitol Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 67– “Play It Again”-Luke Bryan

coinbullet  Coin 66– “Play It Again”-Ashley Gorley

coinbullet  Coin 65– “Play It Again”-Dallas Davidson


May 8, 2014 – “This Is How We Roll” Artist: Florida Georgia Line w/ Luke Bryan(Songwriters: Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan, Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard) – Publishers: Big Loud Mountain, Big Loud Bucks,Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Peanut Mill Songs, Republic Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 64– “This Is How We Roll”-Cole Swindell

coinbullet  Coin 63– “This Is How We Roll”-Luke Bryan

coinbullet  Coin 62– “This Is How We Roll”-Brian Kelley

coinbullet  Coin 61– “This Is How We Roll”-Tyler Hubbard


May 1, 2014 – “Automatic” Artist: Miranda Lambert (Songwriters: Nicolle Galyon, Natalie Hemby, Miranda Lambert) – Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Pink Dog Publishing, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Blackwood Music Inc., Wruckestrike, RCA Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 60– “Automatic”-Miranda Lambert

coinbullet  Coin 59– “Automatic”-Nicolle Galyon

coinbullet  Coin 58– “Automatic”-Natalie Hemby


April 24, 2014 – “Slow Me Down” Artist: Sara Evans (Songwriters: Jimmy Robbins, Marv Green, Heather Morgan) – Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp./The Good The Bad The Ugly Publishing/Made for This Music, Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Universal Music Corp./Extraordinary Alien Publishing; Producer: Mark Bright, Sara Evans, RCA Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 57– “Slow Me Down”-Sara Evans

coinbullet  Coin 56– “Slow Me Down”-Marv Green

coinbullet  Coin 55– “Slow Me Down”-Jimmy Robbins

coinbullet  Coin 54– “Slow Me Down”-Heather Morgan


April 17, 2014 – “Cop Car” Artist: Keith Urban (Songwriters: Sam Hunt, Zach Crowell, Kyle Jenkins) – Publishers: Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishing, External Combustion Music, Who Wants To Buy My Publishing, WB Music Corp., Twang Tractor Music, Wrensong Publishing Corp.; Producer: Zach Crowell, Keith Urban; Label: HitRed, Capitol Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 53– “Cop Car”-Keith Urban

coinbullet  Coin 52– “Cop Car”-Sam Hunt

coinbullet  Coin 51– “Cop Car”-Kyle Jenkins

coinbullet  Coin 50– “Cop Car”-Zach Crowell


April 10, 2014 – “Bottoms Up” Artist: Brantley Gilbert (Songwriters: Brantley Gilbert, Justin Weaver, Brett James) – Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane, Indiana Angel Music, WB Music Corp., Songs Of Brett, External Combustion Music, Music Of The Corn; Artist: Brantley Gilbert; Producer: Dann Huff; Label: The Valory Music Co.

coinbullet  Coin 49– “Bottoms Up”-Brantley Gilbert

coinbullet  Coin 48– “Bottoms Up”-Brett James

coinbullet  Coin 47– “Bottoms Up”-Justin Weaver


April 03, 2014 – “Rewind” Artist: Rascal Flatts (Songwriters: Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Eric Paslay) – Publishers: EMI April Music, Sugar Glider Music, External Combustion Music, Out Of The Taperoom Music, Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishing, Cal IV Songs; Artist: Rascal Flatts; Producer: Rascal Flatts; Label: Big Machine.

coinbullet  Coin 46– “Rewind”-Eric Paslay

coinbullet  Coin 45 – “Rewind”-Ashley Gorley

coinbullet  Coin 44 – “Rewind”-Chris DeStefano

coinbullet  Coin 43 – “Rewind”-Joe Don Rooney

coinbullet  Coin 42 – “Rewind”-Jay DeMarcus

coinbullet  Coin 41 – “Rewind”-Gary LeVox


March 27, 2014 – “Lettin’ The Night Roll” Artist: Justin Moore (Songwriters: Justin Moore, Jeremy Stover, Rodney Clawson) – Publishers: Big Machine Music, Double Barrel Ace Music, EMI April Music, Inc., Songs Of Countrywood, Big Red Toe, Big Loud Bucks, Amarillo Sky Songs; Artist: Justin Moore; Producer: Jeremy Stover; Label: Valory Music Group.

coinbullet  Coin 40 – “Lettin’ The Night Roll”-Rodney Clawson

coinbullet  Coin 39 – “Lettin’ The Night Roll”-Justin Moore

coinbullet  Coin 38 – “Lettin’ The Night Roll”-Jeremy Stover


March 13-20, 2014 – “Give Me Back My Hometown” Artist: Eric Church (Songwriters: Eric Church, Luke Laird) – Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Longer And Louder Music, Songs of Universal Inc., Creative Nation Music, Twangin And Slangin Songs; Artist: Eric Church; Producer: Jay Joyce; Label: EMI Nashville.

coinbullet  Coin 37 – “Give Me Back My Hometown”-Eric Church

coinbullet  Coin 36 – “Give Me Back My Hometown”-Luke Laird


March 06, 2014 – “Drink To That All Night” Artist: Jerrod Niemann (Songwriters: Derek George, Lance Miller, Brad Warren, Brett Warren) – Publishers: WB Music Corp, Funky Frair Music, Songs of StyleSonic, Melvin’s Bullets Music, Melvin’s Pistol Music, House Of StyleSonic Music, EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Sagequinnjude Music, Famlove Songs; Artist: Jerrod Niemann; Producer: Jerrod Niemann, Jimmie Lee Sloas; Label: Sea Gayle-Arista Nashville.

coinbullet  Coin 35 – “Drink To That All Night” (Derek George)

coinbullet  Coin 34 – “Drink To That All Night” (Lance Miller)

coinbullet  Coin 33 – “Drink To That All Night”-Brad Warren

coinbullet  Coin 32 – “Drink To That All Night”-Brett Warren

coinbullet  Coin 31 – “Drink To That All Night”-Jerrod Niemann


February 27, 2014 – “Doin’ What She Likes” Artist: Blake Shelton (Songwriters: Wade Kirby, Phil O’Donnell) – Publishers: Sixteen Stars Music, Rooster Pecked Music; Artist: Blake Shelton; Producer: Scott Hendricks; Label: Warner Bros.

coinbullet  Coin 30 – “Doin’ What She Likes”-Blake Shelton

coinbullet  Coin 29 – “Doin’ What She Likes”-Wade Kirby

coinbullet  Coin 28 – “Doin’ What She Likes”-Phil O’Donnell

February 20, 2014 – “The Heart of Dixie” Artist: Danielle Bradbery (Songwriters: Brett James, Caitlyn Smith, Troy Verges) – Publishers: Music Of Stage Three, Songs Of Cornman, Stage Three Music Inc., BMG Chrysalis Music, WB Music Corp., Songs Of Brett, External Combustion Music, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Songs From The Engine Room; Artist: Danielle Bradbery; Producer: Brett James; Label: Big Machine

coinbullet  Coin 27 –”The Heart of Dixie”-Troy Verges

coinbullet  Coin 26 –”The Heart of Dixie”-Caitlyn Smith

coinbullet  Coin 25 –”The Heart of Dixie”-Brett James

coinbullet  Coin 24 –”The Heart of Dixie”-Danielle Bradbery


February 13, 2014 – “See You Tonight” Artist: Scotty McCreery (Songwriters: Scotty McCreery, Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell) – Publishers: Scotty McCreery Publishing Designee, External Combustion Music, Out Of The Taperoom Music, Who Wants To Buy My Publishing, Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishing; Artist: Scotty McCreery; Producer: Frank Rogers; Label: Mercury Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 23 –”See You Tonight”-Scotty McCreery

coinbullet  Coin 22 –”See You Tonight”-Ashley Gorley

coinbullet  Coin 21 –”See You Tonight”-Zach Crowell


February 06, 2014 – “When She Says Baby” Artist: Jason Aldean (Songwriters: Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip) – Publishers: EMI Blackwood Music, WB Music Corp., Tar-Cam-Knox Music, Get A Load Of This Music; Artist: Jason Aldean; Producer: Michael Knox; Label: Broken Bow

coinbullet Coin 20 – “When She Says Baby”-Rhett Akins

coinbullet Coin 19 – “When She Says Baby”-Ben Hayslip

coinbullet Coin 18 – “When She Says Baby”-Jason Aldean


January 30, 2014 – “I Hold On” Artist: Dierks Bentley (Songwriters: Dierks Bentley, Brett James) – Publishers: Songs Of Brett, Big White Tracks, External Combustion Music, WB Music Corp; Artist: Dierks Bentley; Producer: Ross Copperman; Label: Capitol Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 17 –”I Hold On”-Dierks Bentley

coinbullet  Coin 16 –”I Hold On”-Brett James


January 23, 2014 – “Compass” Artist: Lady Antebellum (Songwriters: Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Erik Hemransen, Ammar Malik, Ross Golan, Daniel Omelio, Emile Haynie)  – Publishers: EMI April Music, EMI Music Publishing, Lotzah Balls Soup, Where Da Kasz At, Songs Of Kobalt Music Publishing, Warner Tamerlane Publishing, Back In Djibouti, PRS/Maru Cha Cha, BMG Gold Songs, Robopop Musik, BMG Rights Management, Heavycrate Publishing, Universal Music Corporation; Artist: Lady Antebellum; Producer: Nathan Chapman, Lady Antebellum; Label: Capitol Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 15 –”Compass”-Ammar Malik

coinbullet  Coin 14 —”Compass”-Emile Haynie

coinbullet  Coin 13 –”Compass”-Daniel Omelio

coinbullet  Coin 12 –”Compass”-Mikkel Eriksen

coinbullet  Coin 11 –”Compass” (Ross Golan

coinbullet  Coin 10 –”Compass”-Tor Erik Hemransen

coinbullet  Coin 9 –”Compass”-Dave Haywood

coinbullet  Coin 8 –”Compass”-Hillary Scott

coinbullet  Coin 7 –”Compass”-Charles Kelley


January 16, 2014 – “Drink A Beer” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Jim Beavers, Chris Stapleton)  – Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree, House Of Sea Gayle Music, Small Fish Music, WB Music Corp; Artist: Luke Bryan; Producer: Jeff Stevens; Label: Capitol Nashville

coinbullet  Coin 6 –”Drink A Beer”-Chris Stapleton

coinbullet  Coin 5 –”Drink A Beer”-Luke Bryan

coinbullet  Coin 4 –”Drink A Beer”-Jim Beavers


January 09, 2014 – “Chillin’ It” Artist: Cole Swindell (Songwriters: Shane Minor, Cole Swindell) – Publishers: Sony/ATV, Code Six Charles Music; Artist: Cole Swindell; Producer: Jody Stevens; Label: Warner Bros.

coinbullet  Coin 3 –”Chillin’ It”-Shane Minor

coinbullet  Coin 2 –”Chillin’ It”-Cole Swindell