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Native Run visit

Native Run visit

Show Dog-Universal duo Native Run, comprises members Rachel Beauregard and Bryan Dawley. The duo visited the MusicRow office to preview songs for the MusicRow staff.

The duo formed five years ago, after playing together in a Virginia megachurch. “We found our harmonies there, and started writing songs together and playing along the east coast,” Beauregard said. The duo blends tightly woven harmonies, a fresh sound, and Beauregard’s theatrical onstage persona into a compelling combination. Dawley is proficient on banjo, mandolin and a variety of guitars. Beauregard and Dawley began their acoustic three-song performance with “What’s Not To Love?,” penned by Beauregard, Dawley, and Blair Daly.

Native Run first met Creative Nation’s Beth Laird when she was working in writer relations for BMI’s Nashville office. They also formed a great working relationship with Chris Farren of Combustion Music. “When time came to do a publishing deal, we loved both companies, and they each offered different strengths, so we we chose to work with both,” Beauregard said. “We’re like the town bicycle for publishers,” Beauregard quipped. “Everybody gets a ride.”

They followed “What’s Not To Love?” with the clever “When I’m Taken,” penned by Beauregard, Dawley, Luke Laird, Ashley Gorley and Luke Brindley. Even a broken guitar string couldn’t diminish the cheerful, infectious performance of their current single, “Good On You,” which the duo penned with Steve Moakler.

“We were in NYC, doing a show with Billy Currington, and he played ‘Hey Girl.’ The crowd just ate it up,” Beauregard recalled. “So we wanted to write our own really sexy song–one of those that makes the girls throw their panties onstage,” she quipped.

“Yes, ’cause panties onstage is always the litmus test of a sexy song,” Dawley bantered. Instead, they wound up penning the quirky “Get A Dog,” a true-to-life tune that espouses the benefits of a loyal four-legged friend over the hassles of a romantic relationship.

Native Run’s upcoming project will be co-produced by Creative Nation’s Luke Laird.


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