Primetime ‘Nashville’: “It Must Be You”

nashville episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6: It Must Be You

Nashville’s Percy Warner Park serves as the setting for last night’s episode of Nashville, where Nashville’s old guard meets Nashville celebrity rich at an upscale polo match.

Juliette receives an invitation to the city polo match, though she doesn’t know who invited her. That quickly becomes clear when she sees media mogul Charlie Wentworth again; he’s riding in the match and brings along wife Olivia. Juliette spends most of her time playing hostess to Olivia and trying to escape Charlie’s advances as she tries to convince him that he was born to mingle with Nashville’s high society, while she was not. It brings one of Juliette’s best lines of the episode as she stalks away from Charlie–“According to Wikipedia, that horn means the game’s about to start!”

Charlie finds Mayor Teddy Conrad, who is also attending the match, and convinces him to ask Juliette if she will be the face of Nashville’s new music festival. He also tries to convince her that he actually does work by inviting her to hang out at the stables with his horses and crew as he tends to some of his prized stallions. Of course, this is Nashville, so even in a horse stable, instruments are never far away. Juliette serenades Charlie and crew with an acoustic version of “Hypnotizing” (written by Caitlyn Smith, Cary Barlowe and Steve Robson). She later witnesses an argument between Charlie and Olivia, which culminates in Olivia slapping Charlie and claiming she’s leaving on a jet.

Rayna and sister Tandy are also at the match, trying to drum up interest from potential (rich) investors for Rayna’s Highway 65 label. It seems that no one wants to associate themselves with Lamar Wyatt’s daughters–and, by association, with the illegal activities that recently landed him an arrest. She doesn’t have much luck with her other plan, either. Rayna’s idea to get Highway 65 artist Scarlett on an opening slot on Juliette’s tour backfires after Rayna’s motherly instincts kick in. Rayna sees Juliette and Charlie Wentworth return from the stables together, and confronts Juliette for hanging around a married man. Rayna explains that women make the bulk of Country music fans and that they don’t take kindly to an entertainer they admire getting romantically involved with another woman’s husband. Wrong move. Juliette goes on the defensive, quickly replying that Scarlett will not be joining her tour.

They aren’t the only ones attending; Megan brings new fling Deacon and they both try to pretend everything is fine when they run into Rayna. We also learn that superstar Luke Wheeler is romantically unattached after he talks with Deacon at the match.

Later that evening, Juliette meets Charlie at the hotel he’s staying at (Nashville’s Hermitage Hotel) and agrees to work with him on the festival. He makes a counter offer by slipping her a key to his hotel room. Unbeknownst to Juliette or Charlie, Olivia didn’t leave Nashville after all. She returns to the hotel room, just long enough to witness Charlie having an affair with Juliette, then slips out of the room.

Meanwhile, Scarlett O’Connor fares far better with meeting the press this time around. She performs a private industry showcase at the Bluebird, performing “Every Time I Fall In Love” (written by Al Anderson, Ken Johnson and Sarah Buxton). Prior to the performance, Scarlett turns to old flame Avery for encouragement. Tensions are high at the Bluebird performance as Gunnar, Avery and Zoe are all in attendance to cheer on Scarlett. Zoe is filled with remorse about breaking the “girl code” and sleeping with Scarlett’s ex-boyfriend Gunnar. Once Zoe discovers that Scarlett may still have feelings for ex-boyfriend Avery, all bets are off; she quickly finds Gunnar and tells him how she feels about him.

Rayna’s love life takes a new turn after the Bluebird performance as well, when superstar Luke Wheeler escorts her to her car and kisses her. He also promises to take Scarlett out on the road as an opening act–partly because he believes in her talent, and partly because he hopes to see Rayna more on the road.


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