White House Releases Intellectual Property Enforcement Plan

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• June 20, 2013

The White House today (June 20) released the “2013 Joint Strategic Plan for Intellectual Property Enforcement” from U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria A. Espinel. The report’s priorities include a focus on transparency, communication and education. It explains that in 2010, intellectual property industries accounted for $5.06 trillion, or 34.8 percent of U.S. gross domestic product.

Below is a list of the report’s action items. See the full report.

IP report IP report 2

Cary Sherman, RIAA Chairman and CEO, issued the following statement regarding the report: “The White House has laid out a sensible and practical approach to protecting the Constitutional rights of America’s creative community. Our voluntary, marketplace efforts with various partners in the Internet ecosystem – such as ISPs, payment processors and advertisers – have shown such pacts are possible and can make a real difference. It also attests to the fact that our collective futures are intertwined.

“The White House appropriately recognizes that search engines need to be part of that conversation. To date, some important, commendable progress has been achieved, including for example, significant improvements to the notice and take down process. That’s laudable. But the continuing prominence of rogue websites in the first page of results shows that this continues to be a real problem, and this new White House report is a reminder that policymakers care about this issue and expect meaningful progress.

“Just as we are asking others to redouble their efforts to build a better online marketplace for users and creators alike, we recognize that we have an obligation to be constructive and examine steps we can undertake to help achieve that end. We take this obligation seriously. Just last week, we joined the music publishers in announcing an important new initiative to expedite and ease micro-licensing for a variety of ancillary uses of music. We’re grateful the White House recognizes the value of these kinds of efforts.”

A statement from NMPA President and CEO David Israelite said: “Songwriters and music publishers are some of America’s smallest businesses. When their work is illegally used or undervalued it can be disastrous and career ending. Today’s report outlining U.S. efforts to protect copyrighted works is particularly welcome. We applaud Ms. Espinel’s ongoing effort to strengthen American copyright and ensure created works from music to software is valued and treated with respect consistently within our borders and beyond. Her belief that copyright policies and protections be inclusive and developed collaboratively benefits industries, businesses and ultimately our economy.”

See more from The Hollywood Reporter.





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