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Led by industry veteran Tim DuBois, the ASCAP Nashville regional office serves a broad array of members across all musical genres and a multi-state geographic footprint while bolstering its services to new and existing members. This focus is testament to ASCAP’s emphasized investment in the evolution of Nashville as a vibrant musical mecca.

The vision of ASCAP Nashville reflects the city’s growing importance as a global music capital that is a magnet for songwriters and publishers in a spectrum of genres. ASCAP has responded to this growth and change in the marketplace through a regional approach to its core mission in Nashville. The geographic region the office serves includes other parts of Tennessee, as well as Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, the Carolinas, Florida and Virginia, among other areas.

The ASCAP Nashville creative team, which includes DuBois, Marc Driskill, Michael Martin, LeAnn Phelan, Mike Sistad, Ryan Beuschel, Jessica Draper, Robert Filhart, Jesse Willoughby and Anna Maki, is dedicated to deeply investing in the development of songwriters, as well as serving the needs of its publisher members. This is a team whose diverse and dynamic backgrounds and experiences cover every area of the industry, merging in the most complementary way by combining a natural enthusiasm for music and the songwriters who create it with practical knowledge from years in the music business. There is also a focused emphasis in three areas of visionary service, education and opportunities for its members: Performance, Creative and Business.

In the area of Performance, ASCAP Nashville has a focused array of strategic opportunities for members in varying genres and stages of their careers to showcase their craft in series including ASCAP Presents at the Bluebird Café, ASCAP Rocks at the Mercy Lounge, the New Crew Show (highlighting unsigned writers) and a special quarterly series, ASCAP Presents.

Within the Creative emphasis, opportunities beyond the performance series are offered through unique events and festivals including the ASCAP Music Lounge at the Nashville Film Festival, Nashville in Napa, the 30A Songwriters Festival, ASCAP’s incredibly successful “We Create Music” EXPO, ASCAP’s GPS (Guidance from Publishers for Songwriters) Program, ASCAP/Belmont Writers Night Series, the Key West Songwriters Festival, and the Texas Heritage Songwriters Association Songwriter Workshop (as part of its cumulative educational outreach in high schools and colleges in Texas and the rest of ASCAP Nashville’s geographic region of service). Other special events that ASCAP Nashville participates in include the Sundance ASCAP Music Café at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW and CMJ, among others. Songwriting workshops are also an essential element of the Creative focus, with ASCAP Nashville offering four different workshops with genre emphasis in pop, country, Christian and film/TV.

ASCAP is proud to partner with organizations including Nimbit, AirPlay Direct, MyWerx, Limelight and many others that address the growing needs of both the songwriters and business professionals who represent all genres of music here in Nashville. These partnerships further the goal of the Business emphasis in equipping ASCAP members with information, skills and knowledge they need to be and remain competitive in this industry. Programs including ASCAP’s DIYU educational workshops are offered for guidance and to facilitate an informational forum between these organizations and their core market: writers and artists.

The ASCAP Nashville office, while continuing to serve the needs of country and Christian music’s greatest writers and publishers, has expanded its vision and strategy to also meet the needs of the pop, international, urban and folk writers, as well as film, television and symphonic composers, who work, live and thrive in this region. ASCAP’s recognition of the influx and development of other successful genres of music in Nashville demonstrates not only the Membership group’s dedication to a substantial investment in the development of songwriters and support of publishers, but also the organization’s commitment to the community as a whole.

(L-R): Tim DuBois, VP/Managing Executive; Mike Sistad, Dir. Membership Relations; Jessica Draper, Mgr. Creative Services; Michael Martin, Sr. Creative Director; Robert Filhart, Creative Manager; Marc Driskill, VP/GM; Jesse Willoughby, Membership Representative; LeAnn Phelan, Sr. Creative Director; Ryan Beuschel, Creative Manager; and Anna Maki, Creative Assistant. Photo: Jeff Venable


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