Craig Morgan Aids Vets Through “Not Alone”

As a spokesperson for Not Alone, BNA Records artist Craig Morgan is helping military men, women and their families who are struggling with the aftereffects of combat and the difficulties transitioning to life back at home. Not Alone is an organization that empowers warriors and families dealing with combat stress through training, education, counseling and support.

Today’s American soldiers are serving in combat longer than almost any U.S. soldiers in the nation’s past, with many soldiers serving multiple deployments with little break in between. Three in 10 soldiers show signs of mental illness or marital problems after their third and fourth deployments. Additionally, suicides are at record levels, divorce rates among enlisted soldiers continue to climb and rates of mental illness and prescription drug abuse are soaring.

Not Alone provides an anonymous online community where military men, women and their families can find support from others who are going through the same issues. Its core purpose is to ensure every warrior, veteran and family member gains knowledge and simple, confidential access to programs in order to empower them in their lives after war. At, they find support groups, educational topics, blogging opportunities, and resources for face to face counseling – all at no charge.

“When I heard about what Not Alone was doing, I knew I wanted to be involved,” Morgan says. “We can’t sit quietly aside while our country’s bravest are struggling. They put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and they deserve to be honored and know that if they need help, they are not alone.”

In his role as spokesperson for Not Alone, Morgan will bring awareness to this resource through his website, media interviews and concert appearances. Morgan is currently a part of Carrie Underwood’s Play On Tour.

 Prior to becoming a country music star, the singer spent over 10 years of active duty in the Army and additional years in the Army Reserves. He is an avid supporter of America’s military personnel and a recipient of the 2006 USO Merit Award.

 To learn more about Not Alone, log onto


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