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kazaaKazaa relaunched today (7/20) in a new form; morphed from an illegal file-trading service to a legal download subscription outfit. For $20/month, users get unlimited downloads of over 1 million tracks from all four major labels. The downside of the service is that the DRM tracks cannot be transferred to portable devices and can only be played on subscribed PCs. Kazaa is owned by the Australian company Altnet.

The Rock Band Network is a ground-breaking initiative that gives musicians and record labels the ability to author their own original recordings into gameplay files and sell their music as playable Rock Band video game tracks through the newly-created Rock Band Network Music Store. From Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games, The Rock Band Network will launch as an open beta in late August 2009 in the U.S. and provide a sophisticated toolset, with detailed documentation on how bands can begin the process of authoring songs into Rock Band gameplay files.

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